« The quality of your life equals the quality of your thoughts »

“I have consulted several professionals and no one really helps me” 

“I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing works” 

“I’m exhausted and I don’t know what to do anymore” 

“I feel really different and misunderstood by others” 

In my decade of practice, I have met people with a similar atypical profile like yours. You know, the ones that don’t fit the usual categories, that are often in exception characters, or that don’t respond to conventional therapies.

This complexe identity requires a specialized skill and that’s exactly what I do have ! I specialize in giftedness and neurodivergence.

Don’t wait to be in more pain. Now is when you need my help !

Working with me

It’s an opportunity to …

My services

for adults, families and organizations

Psychosocial intervention

I am committed to fulfill your specific needs. Here are all the support options available to you :

Of course, I will be there to guide you towards the service that will best suit you !

for professionnals

Training (to come)

To give you an overview, my colleague Mélina D’Arcy-Lepage, S.W. and I have been working for almost 2 years with all our hearts to present you with a complete training on giftedness.

We use the systemic approach to integrate and popularize everything that will be relevant to you to know if you work or want to intervene with an adult having a neurodivergent profile.

It is an avant-garde training in social work and adapted for any other professional in the counseling field.

Animal assisted therapy

« Pet therapy is an intervention that is exercised in individual or group form, using a carefully selected and trained animal, introduced by a qualified practitioner to a person in order to elicit reactions aimed at maintaining or improving cognitive, physical, psychological or social potential » - Zoothérapie Québec