Animal assisted therapy

Animal therapy studies demonstrate remarkable behavioral changes resulting from the presence of an animal, and in particular a dog, in a therapeutic process. Being a neutral and familiar subject of conversation, the dog serves as a “social catalyst” by encouraging social interactions, facilitating contact between people and energizing communication.


Pet therapy is an umbrella term that refers to various animal-assisted interventions. My dog allows me to trigger and reproduce scenarios in which you will demonstrate certain maladaptive reactions that reveal your personal obstacles.

I take the opportunity to make you aware of this and reshape your misperceptions. My goal is to improve your skills and social skills so that you gain self-confidence. This method of intervention simply exposes you to your reality while being fun. Let’s say it breaks the ice, especially when we don’t know each other yet!


Based on the fundamental principle that there are natural bonds between humans and dogs (man’s best friend), animal therapy is known to increase the effectiveness of conventional therapies. Among its positive effects, there is an important source of sensory, emotional, cognitive, motivational and socializing stimulation.

Working with a dog

In order to be able to help you “to infinity and beyond”, I learned to understand the “super powers” of my dogs and to use them. Basically, I analyze their behavior and I share with you the messages they communicate to me. You will be able to see your own evolution in connection with the interactions you will have with them.

My dogs love to work. They feel valued to contribute to your better being and are always super happy to see you. They come running down the stairs every morning to join you in the office.

Dis you know that ...

The dog has this extraordinary ability to recognize smells and detect pheromones which transmits messages of a sexual, hormonal and emotional nature, but is impossible for humans to smell. Incredible isn’t it!

So, we agree that my dog receives a lot of messages about you during our consultation. You’ll see, it’s fascinating !

Its sound acuity is important and allows it to hear a low intensity sound heard up to 4m in humans and 25m in dogs.

So, no need to knock when you arrive, my dog heard you and already told me you were there !