My dogs are an integral part of your therapeutic process. Like assistants, they accompany me in each of your follow-ups. This innovative approach is known to improve health, both mentally and physically, while adding a touch of madness !

Psychosocial intervention

Promote the optimal development of your identity, of who you are, in your various living environments: personal, marital, family, professional and social.

I accompany you, guide you, and equip you, step by step, in the decisions and actions you will have to take to regain your psychological and emotional health. It is an active, concrete approach centered on change. With me, you move forward in life !


You wonder if you are crazy or broken ; I confirm that no!

You have the right to achieve your dreams (with and without fear), live your life according to your values (with and without doubt), love yourself as you are (with and without judgment) and think about yourself (with and without guilt ) for once in your life.

You just need a kick in the ass and a dose of confidence to move on.


Your couple is in crisis, on the edge of the precipice; it is high time to take care of it and solidify it.

You have the right to live a satisfying love life, in which each partner will feel fulfilled and fulfilled.

You only need to make conscious effort, actively engage and take responsibility for your social-emotional mode of functioning that is hindering your happiness.


Living as a family is complex and exhausting. There are a lot of people in the barracks, with different needs and functions. It’s hard to find it.

You have the right as a family to live in harmony and respect.

You just need to slow down, determine your values and collectively engage in a process of self-change.

Even more options to help you

Group with thematic workshops

You would like to address a specific problem that your clientele or your work team is experiencing, but you do not feel competent to do so or would need a breath of fresh air. Well, it is possible to have recourse to professional expertise to accompany you in this process.

You have the right to want to increase the personal and professional potential of your world, energize your work environment, and use an innovative approach.

I guide you and co-construct creative and personalized group workshops in the image and needs of your organization.

Critical post event / Trauma

Your work team has experienced a stressful, traumatic and unexpected event that has upset you personally and professionally. Well, it is possible to offer personalized psychological support directly in your workplace to address this situation involving so-called sensitive elements.

Don’t wait for the repercussions to grow and become permanent.

This local and specialized intervention approach makes support services much more accessible for your team and lends credibility to your organization for caring about the well-being of its employees.

Desensitization to fear of dogs

At the mere sight of a dog or the sound of yelping, you become anxious and overwhelmed by an uncontrollable feeling of dread?! Well, you probably suffer from cynophobia, the phobia of dogs.

You don’t have to live with a fear that invalidates your daily life and limits your social activities. It is possible to heal from some traumas and regain your lost quality of life.

You need support to gradually expose yourself to the presence of a dog to regain control of your emotions (stress) and regain your well-being.

Training (to come)